Miss California Scandal Photos – Miss California Carrie Prejean is in a scandal over the racy photos and topless pictures shown below and also got a boob job before entering the Miss USA pageant.

Carrie Prejean racy photos

These Carrie Prejean photos reveal that Miss California isn’t even a natural blonde. OMG!

Miss California Carrie Prejean racy pictures

The Miss California 2009 winner actually got breast implants after winning the state crown to improve her chances at winning the Miss USA title.

Carry Prejean photo before boob job

Ken Lewis, co-director of the Miss California pageant revealed on the CBS Early Show May 1st that they paid for Prejean’s boob job shown in the photo below:

Miss California Carrie Prejean boob job photos

“We assisted when Carrie came to us and voiced the interest in having the procedure done,” Lewis told “Early Show” co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez. “We want to put her in the best possible confidence in order to present herself in the best possible light on a national stage.”

Carrie Prejean Miss Lajolla photo

In response to the miss California racy photos scandal, Prejean released this statement: “I am a Christian, and I am a model. Models pose for pictures, including lingerie and swimwear photos. Recently, photos taken of me as a teenager have been released surreptitiously to a tabloid Web site…”

Carrie Prejean bikini photo

In the end, Carrie Prejean came up a little short in the Miss USA pageant, but not for lack of trying.

And those are all the controversial Carrie Prejean hot modeling pictures and Miss California scandal photos.