Lindsay Lohan Break-In Blues – Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan has the break-in blues over the recent theft of materials stored in a wall safe in her Hollywood home.

Lindsay Lohan after break-in was reported

The thieves are said to have taken documents, pictures, and videos stored in a wall safe that was ripped from the wall in Lindsay’s trashed bedroom.

Lindsay Lohan begging at door of Samantha Ronson

Supposedly, some of those files and video footage are quite incriminating and Lindsay Lohan is said to be quite concerned about the embarassing materials being leaked or exploited for profit.

Lindsay Lohan looking orange color

Then again, Paris Hilton became famous after her videotaped escapades were released by her ex-boyfriend.

Lindsay Lohan aging badly

No word on what’s gone missing, but Lindsay sure looks like she could use another trip to rehab.

And that’s the latest on the Lindsay Lohan Break-In Blues.