Looking for Stupid Test 2 answers? Here are assorted Stupid Test 2 cheats, a walkthrough, and answers to help get you through junior high.

First, if you don’t know what “Stupid Test 2: Welcome To Jr. High” is all about, you can find it at Addicting Games. Or, even easier, you can just click the picture below to start taking the really stupid welcome to junior high test (just like you remember them being) created by AK Games.

Stupid Test 2 - Click to play

Stupid Test 2 will open in a new window, so you can useĀ some of the answers from the walkthrough to help. Think of it as cribbing off a buddy’s answers on a jr high test!

Stupid Test 2: Jr High Walkthrough

  • hit blue button 4x then gray button 2x
  • hit red button
  • go AROUND the box to other red button then click
  • 100
  • right 2x, down 1x, left 4x, up 1x
  • 127
  • click i quit
  • bill gates (NO CAPS!!!)
  • simple click answer
  • blue button
  • button by the word button at the top
  • no (its green)
  • stupid
  • put mouse over the middle triangle,and it will turn yellow on the triangle then click
  • orange 1x, red 2x, green 1x, orange 2x
  • click SUBMIT
  • click the arrow
  • kingda ka, six flags

Stupid Test 2 Jr High Cheat

Sometimes, you just gotta cheat to get ahead in junior high, you know what I’m saying?

Stupid Test 2 Cheat
On the Quiz Time question, type in 956721.

Then click the blue button and you will skip to the 8th grade!

Now you should be able to pass the test and make it though junior high after all these years… Your momma is gonna be so proud…lol!

And that’s all I’ve got for Stupid Test 2 Answers.