Tony Romo’s Girlfriend – Hot bikini pics of 23-year old Candice Crawford, the new girlfriend of Tony Romo and younger sister of Chace Crawford of Gossip Girl fame.

Candice Crawford bikini closeup

Some say that Candice Crawford, Tony Romo’s new girlfriend, looks a lot like his ex-girlfriend Jessica Simpson, except smarter.

Candice Crawford shows off her bikini body

Candice was Miss Missouri 2008 and later competed in the Miss USA pageant.

Candice Crawford bikini strut

Miss Missouri 2008 knows how to strut her stuff in a bikini!

Candice Crawford Miss Missouri 2008

Here she is in the evening gown competition in the Miss USA pageant.

Candice Crawford in Miss USA pageant

Candice hosts the Dallas Cowboys weekend sports show “Special Edition” and was formerly a Cowboys intern back in 2007.

Candice Crawford in short jean skirt

Tony Romo is apparently a big fan of blondes girlfriends, having famously dated Carrie Underwood and Jessica Simpson before hooking up with the former Miss Missouri, who certainly knows how to “represent.”

And that’s all the hot pics of Candice Crawford, Tony Romo’s girlfriend.