Blog Rush is John Reese’s brilliant viral marketing widget that cross-promotes your blog content on other Blog Rush members blogs. Blog Rush is 100% free, takes just 30 seconds to signup for, and gives you complete control over which blogs link to your content.

Because Blog Rush is from John Reese, I knew it would be great, but the moment I watched the video about how it works I had a trafficgasm!

Imagine links to your blog displaying on hundreds and thousands of other blogs in your niche and only in your niche.

Blog Rush Register Free

Blog Rush is brand new and just went online this morning, but it’s already creating a signup stampede. Why?

Top 7 Reasons Blog Rush Rocks:

  1. Awesome 1:1 reciprocal traffic page display
  2. Super easy blog traffic widget installs in seconds
  3. Your content links display only on related blogs in your niche
  4. Keyword filter blocks unwanted “bad neighborhood” links
  5. URL filter blocks unwanted sites from displaying your link
  6. Gain additional 1:1 page displays from referrals
  7. Oh yeah, Googlebot can follow javascript links…

Can you picture the traffic stampede from thousands of incoming links?

Don’t wait. Don’t think about it. Don’t put it on your “round to it” list.

Get your rear into gear and check out Blog Rush this instant!