Escape The Room 2 walkthough searchers can find all the Escape The Room 2 walkthrough answers right here as well as cheats, tips, hints, etc to get you through the game.

Escape The Room 2

Because the game instructions are in Dutch, people tend to get a little confused about how to play it and as a result, are looking for cheats. Nothing wrong with that because Escape The Game 2 cheats are sometimes the only thing left to save your sanity. 

Escape the Room 2 is actually only Part 2 of a series of six Escape The Room games by Dutch game designer Erik Minkels. You can find all six here on Erik’s own Escape The Room-Room site because Addicting Games only adds the most popular games.

I gotta warn you though, if you think Part 2 is hard, then just wait til you play the rest of the Escape The Room game levels. Sheer genius or sheer torture?

Escape The Room 2 Walkthrough

Escape The Room 2 Walkthrough

Escape The Room 2 – Answers 1- 10:

The first 10 answers are moderately tricky…

1. Click the top right corner of the picture, then the top left corner, then the top right again.

2. Pick up the key and turn right.

3. Unlock the cabinet by dragging the key to the doors.

4. Take the knife and turn right.

5. Click on the bear.

6. Cut open the bear by dragging the knife to it.

7. Take the crowbar and turn right.

8. Drag the crowbar to the far right piece of wood.

9. Take the paper and turn left.

10. Click on the computer.

Escape The Room 2 – Answers 11- 20:

Things get a little trickier in the second half of the escape…

11. Click on the tomato looking thing.

12. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the window up, down, left, and right to reveal what the square, triangle, and circle equal.
Circle = 8
Triangle = 1
Square = 6

13. Click on the paper in your inventory. Insert the values in the correct places.
It should be:

14. Add the numbers above. Your answer should be: 8101952

15. Click the paper to make it go away.

16. Click on the picture of a lock on the computer screen.

17. Type the answer (8101952) where it says “Wachtwoord”.

18. Click the silver rectangle. You hear a lock sound.

19. Click the yellow beside the computer screen to zoom out.

20. Turn right. The door is open. Click to exit.

Answer #12 for Escape The Room 2 is a bit convoluted, so here’s an expanded cheat walkthrough explanation of all the steps involved in #12:

For the code, you get the following symbols from the computer:

Circle = 8
Square = 6
Triangle = 1

Use the paper from the floor and insert the appropriate numbers where indicated by symbols.

Once you get the two numbers, ADD them together to get the password for the PC.

Enter the password and the door will unlock.

Cheats Wrapup
Hope you enjoyed the walkthrough.  Now get back in there and kick some game butt!

So that’s it for all the tips, tricks, hints, and cheats for the Escape The Room 2 Walkthrough.