Cat With 24 Toes – Photo of a cat in Tennessee with 24 toes, seven on each front paw and five on his back feet, called – you guessed it – Mr. Toes.

Mr. Toes, the cat with 24 toes

The cream-colored cat with 24 toes belongs to Charlie Owens, an auto-repair shop owner who plucked Mr. Toes from a stray cat’s litter.

“I just couldn’t bear the way he was looking at me,“ Owens said. “So, I said, ‘Ah, OK, I’ll keep you.’ And that’s pretty much how this all began. He’s become a big part of this place, now.“

A normal cat possesses 18 toes, or five in the front and four on the back.

Owens said people all over the area have stopped by his repair shop to see, pet and just plain spoil Mr. Toes, but he doesn’t want him on TV.

“I said, ‘No, because someone will see it on TV and might try to steal him,’“ Owens said with a laugh. “He’s a special cat to me, but not just because of his feet. He’s definitely got a real personality to him.“

Buddy Dillard, a friend of Owens, chuckles and added, “When you toss a ball at that cat, he can almost actually catch it. Those feet are like baseball gloves, almost.“

The likelihood of Mr. Toes producing multi-digit offspring is growing smaller by the day.

“Yep, I’m going to have him neutered next week,“ Owens said. “He’s starting to roam around a bit more. And he’s a handsome cat, too, with all those toes. I don’t think too many female cats will be able to resist him.“

And that’s the latest on the cat with 24 toes.