Ashley Force was voted the hottest woman in sports, so here are some Ashley Force bikini pics and drag racing video clips so you can see why Ashley is so hot.

Ashley Force

At 24, Ashley Force compete’s in NHRA’s Top Alcohol Funny Car division and also stars in A&E’s Driving Force show about her drag-racing family, which includes her father, NHRA legend John Force, and her two equally hot younger sisters, 20-year old Brittany and 18-year old Courtney.

Ashley Force stars in Driving Force TV show

According to Force Racing Web site, Ashley is the 10th woman in NHRA history to earn a license to compete in the Funny Car division. In Top Alcohol, she won five NHRA national events.

Ashley Force in her race suit

How hot is Ashley Force? Check out this Ashley Force bikini pic and then watch the video clip of her dragster catching fire and getting airborne as she nears the finish line.

Ashley Force bikini pic Ashley Force naked picture

Ashley Force’s Dragster Catches Fire

Ashley Force is winning and almost to the finish line when a fuel leak blows her Mustang Funny Car right off the ground at an NHRA drag race in Chicago in 2007.

Danica Patrick bikini

Haven’t seen any Ashley Force naked pictures out there, but these are the hottest pics of the NHRA’s hottest drag racer to be found. After her win as the Hottest Woman in Sports, Playboy and Maxim should have a photo shoot soon or at least an Ashley Force calendar for Christmas.
Ashley Force Drag Racing Crash

Drag racing is sooo not for the faint of heart! Check out this video clip of her high-speed crash into a concrete wall on 7-22-07 after her steering failed.

Like most teenagers, Ashley Force got her first driving lessons from her father. And as it often happens in such situations, things did not go well at first. It didn’t help that Ashley was learning with a stick shift. It helped even less that Ashley’s father is drag-racing legend John Force, who more than lives up to his last name with 122 career victories.

“It was, like, the biggest disaster,” says Ashley, now 24. “I think it’s tough for someone like my dad … to try to talk to someone who’s 15 years old who doesn’t understand about a clutch or doesn’t know the basics of turning on the headlights and all that kind of stuff, it just drove him crazy. And at that time of my life, a 15-year-old with my dad – it just didn’t mesh very well.”

Ashley Force dragster burning rubber

How things have changed! Ashley and John Force made NHRA history in 2007 when they became the first father and daughter to race against each other. Ashley won with a top speed of 317.05 mph.

Ashley Force - Hottest Woman In Sports

And that’ s about it for the the only race car driver that is hotter than Danica Patrick, the beautiful Ashley Force.