Scopolamine, aka the Zombie drug, as seen in the videos below is often used in Columbia to drug and rob people or as a date rape drug because scopolamine is colorless and odorless.

The zombie drug renders its victims unable to resist their captors and leaves no memory behind of what happened to them.
Scopolamine zombie drug
Extracted from the borrachero tree and produced in massive quantities in neighboring Equador, scopolamine removes the victim’s free will like a date rape drug and literally turns them into a zombie drug victim who will do whatever they are told!

There are over 50,000 scopolamine cases reported each year in Columbia and they usually don’t make the news unless they’re really bizarre. One recent incident involved three young Bogota women who preyed on unsuspecting men by smearing the drug on their breasts while dancing at nightclubs and luring their victims to take a lick.

Losing all willpower due to the zombie drug, the men readily gave up all their cash, credit cards, and bank access codes. The breast-temptress thieves held them hostage for days, draining their accounts before turning them loose with absolutely no memory of what had happened.

Here are the zombie drug videos: Columbian Devil’s Breath – Part 1

Complete elimination of free will while still being active, coherent, and totally without any memory of what is happening. Columbian Devil’s Breath – Part 2

Scopolamine renders its victims completely helpless to resist their abductors. Also known in Columbia as Devil’s Breath, it is used for date rape, kidnapping, financial crimes, and sometimes even murder.

And that’s the whole creepy story on the scary zombie drug thing.