The cabbit pictured below isn’t really half cat and half rabbit, but Jay Leno read a “cabbits for sale” ad on the Tonight Show headlines segment that created a buzz around these cute critters.

Cabbit photo

Of course, the cabbit in the photo isn’t really a cat that’s half rabbit. Cabbits are actually either cats or rabbits bred to emphasize certain genetic traits or deformities.

Cabbit cat photo
Some cabbits being sold are Manx cats with deformed rabbit-like back legs and of course, the characteristic lack of a tail that is peculiar to the Manx breed.

Others are rabbits bred for short pointed ears and a longer tail:Cabbit showing tail

The rabbit-based cabbit picture looks cuter to me, but others swear by their cat cabbits. Of course, the underlying nature of the breed remains true, so keep that in mind if you purchase one for a pet.

Of course, any cabbit would run and hide from Pandog!
Pandog photo - dog looks like panda
Dogs bred to look like pandas are all the rage in China.

And that’s it for cabbit news.