Whoopi Pelosi video clip seen below shows Whoopi Goldberg joking about a menage a trois with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and husband Paul Pelosi on The View yesterday.

Nancy Pelosi and husband Paul Pelosi

Now the thought of a Whoopi Pelosi three-way may intrigue some Whoopi fans, it is a little outre to say something like that about stiffly formal Nancy Pelosi and the more reticent Paul Pelosi.

Whoopi Pelosi Video

Barbara Walters & Whoopi Goldberg remarks about Nancy Pelosi’s husband:

Barabara Walters said: “We have an older man in the audience who I think is so attractive. You wanna take a look at Nancy Pelosi’s handsome husband?”

When the cameras focused on a bashful Paul Pelosi, the audience cheered.

Whoopi Goldberg said: “I see you eying me. That’s cool.”

After a short commercial break, Speaker Nancy Pelosi joined the panel and Barbara Walters quipped about Whoopi Goldberg, “I think she’d like to do your husband.”

Whoopi retorted, “I would do her as well, but we should wait on that because you’re still in office. I don’t want to cause a problem.”

The View audience obviously got a big kick out of the whole Nancy Pelosi husband remarks and erupted in laughter.

And that’s all the news from the View’s Whoopi Pelosi controversy.