Konkatsu Killer – Kanae Kijima has been dubbed the Konkatsu Killer by the Japanese media for killing four men she met through online dating sites.

Konkatsu killer

Japan is bracing itself for the upcoming sensational trial of Kanae Kijima, who allegedly swindled dozens of men she met online and killed at least four of them.

Dubbed the “Konkatsu Killer” by the media for the konkatsu (marriage-hunting) sites she frequented, Kanae Kijima reportedly set up each death to look like a suicide.

Kijima, who is awaiting trial, is suspected of spiking a beef stew with a sedative, then poisoning her latest victim, 41-year-old Yoshiyuki Oide, with carbon monoxide fumes in a rented car – but not before she had swindled him out 5 million yen.

Mr Oide was a typical victim. Shy, dumpy, lonely and middle-aged, he kept a blog where he posted pictures of plastic model tanks.

A few days before his death he typed a final entry: “At 41, I’ve found someone and I’m going to meet her family, so I may not be able to write as much,” he announced. “We’re talking about buying a house and starting a new life.”

He added he was off with his mysterious fiancée on a three-day pre-marriage trip. But his corpse was found a day later slumped in the back seat of a rented car in the one of Tokyo’s northern suburbs.

Beside him lay a charcoal burner, a common tool for suicide in Japan because it allows the victim to slowly and painlessly asphyxiate.

However, the fact that the car keys were missing made police suspicious enough to order an autopsy and discover that Oide had been heavily sedated at the time of his death.

Through her blog and dating profiles, Kajima portrayed herself as an accomplished cook with expensive tastes. She also altered her photos to make herself look more attractive.

Kijima allegedly defrauded dozens of other men by posing as a prospective marriage partner, home-helper or therapist, posting images of her homemade meals on her website to lure the desperate and dateless.

“There are a lot of very lonely people out there who rely on the internet to form relationships and [Kijima] skillfully took advantage of that,” says Yuko Kawanishi, a Japanese sociologist who argues a “liberalisation” of Japan’s dating market has left many middle-aged men feeling vulnerable.

“I’m amazed at how desperate men are: they seem to have such a childish view of marriage. The fact they don’t have this social status of marriage makes them lonely.”

In just a few years, the Konkatsu Killer reportedly netted $2.2 million off her various paramours.

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