Melinda England – pictured below – is a 28-year old Knoxville schoolteacher who has all the haters after her because Melinda England’s MySpace page had a racy picture. OMG!

Melinda England MySpace picture causing all the fuss:
Melinda England MySpace nude pic
Oh for heaven’s sake, it’s not like she’s nude or anything! She’s just a young, divorced mom trying to have a bit of a social life.

The way the Knoxville, Tennessee newspapers and TV stations are trying to whip up a media frenzy about this poor teacher, you’d think she was teaching Satanic rituals in the classroom or something equally heinous.

Here’s Melinda’s profile picture from where her screen name was “xlpaws” and again this isn’t a naked pic or anything:
Melinda England xlpaws

School officials sent this letter home with students talking about teacher Melinda England and her racy photos that could be seen online:Melinda England school letter

The haters are raving that she’s blogging on MySpace about prescription drug use and “out of control” kids. Well, it turns out her “prescription drug use” is Prednisone to help with flareups from fibromyaglia.

Melinda England MySpace blog Melinda's MySpace blog post about kids
Quick! Let’s tar and feather her!

Why not focus instead on the unruly miscreants, aka her “out of control” students, who are kicking, biting, and hitting their teacher? Why not prosecute the real evil doers here?

A little jail time – or at least a visit from a sheriff’s deputy – would do the little brats a world of good! A lot more good than harassing a normal, woefully underpaid teacher trying to do her best at educating these cretins and still have a life at the same time…

At least the local Knox County Schools spokesperson, Russ Oakes, isn’t ready to railroad Melinda England quite yet:

“There’s nothing to indicate she’s done anything inappropriate with the students.” Oakes goes on to say that like everyone else, teachers have first amendment rights.

Of course, then you have the haters like Pat Hardaway, “It’s bad, it shouldn’t happen, shouldn’t do that kind of thing.”

Said parent Angela Smallin: “I think that’s horrible, someone like that at school that’s still here.” Hmm… can you say small minded?

And that’s what has all the Knoxville, TN haters in an uproar about elementary school teacher Melinda England.