Banquet Pot Pie Recall – 139 cases of Salmonella poisoning in 30 states led to a Banquet pot pie recall for both Banquet brand chicken pot pies and turkey pot pies and their store brand generic equivalents.

Banquet pot pie

The Banquet pot pie recall was initiated by the USDA and Con-Agra Foods, the owner of the Banquet brand, after a wave of salmonella cases in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Missouri were linked to contaminated meat in the frozen pot pies.

The Con-Agra plant in Marshall, Missouri involved in the Banquet recall has been closed, but the company says the pot pies are safe to eat if cooked correctly.

The USDA said the plant manufactured both Banquet and generic store brand pot pies. All of the pot pies made at the plant in question have “P-9” printed on the side of the box as part of a code directly above the use-by date.

Customers who want a refund for their Banquet pot pies or the generic versions should send the side panel of the package that contains the “P-9” location code to the following address:

ConAgra Foods
Dept. BQPP
P.O. Box 3768
Omaha, NE

Consumers with questions can also call Con-Agra toll free at (866) 484-8671.

And that’s the latest news on the Banquet Pot Pie Recall.