Vico Interpol news – Interpol announced a “Vico” sighting in Thailand where the child molestor fled as his photo disguise crumbled after an Interpol detective reversed the photo swirl technique he used to hide his identity.

Here is a photo of Vico entering Thailand October 11th after a flight from South Korea where he taught English at a boys school.
Vico at thai immigartion checkpoint

Vico the pedophile looks quite a bit different than in his disguised photos where he showed off dozens of young boys he’d sexually molested.

Vico pedophile disguised photo reversed

Interpol has also established the suspect’s name, nationality, date of birth, passport number, and current and previous places of work. Because they are not disclosing that information at this point in the investigation, the pedophile suspect has been code named Vico.

Here is another photo of Vico:
Vico pedophile suspect face

Here is the latest report from Interpol on the Vico manhunt:

‘Thailand is at the centre of an international manhunt, and authorities in the country, in co-operation with INTERPOL and police around the world, are hunting him down,’ said Secretary General Ronald K. Noble.

‘The response and contribution we have had from the public has been remarkable, as has the support from the media, which has enabled officers in our specialised unit, our office in Bangkok and police in other member countries to make such remarkable progress in such a short space of time.

‘We must once again enlist the public’s support, this time to pinpoint Vico’s current location.’

Apparently, Vico felt safe fleeing to Thailand because he’d sexually abused young boys for several years in both Thailand and Cambodia, boasting of his expolits to other pedophiles by publishing the disguised photos of himself with his young victims in internet chat rooms.

And that’s the latest news on the international manhunt for the pedophile Vico.