www.bushcredits.com doesn’t exist yet, but the idea of a Bush credits site like bushcredits.com is ripe for parody, just like the Bush Hate Units (BHU) Steven Colbert was riffing on.

Bush playing guitar outside Superdome after Katrina

And what George Bush accomplishments should bushcredits.com take credit for? Let’s start a list of Bush credits!

  1. Guitar player: Cheered up Katrina victims
  2. Financial whiz: Drove dollar to an all-time low
  3. Accountant: Increased national debt by $4 trillion
  4. Environmentalist: Saved global warming!
  5. Talented public speaker (see video below)
  6. Add your favorite “bush credits” in comments below…

Bush Screwups
Bush Screwups

And that’s the latest news on BushCredits.com