Ellen DeGeneres Dog Story: Here’s the latest news on the Ellen DeGeneres dog story (pictures & video below) pitting the popular talk show host against Mutts & Moms, an animal rescue group run by Marina Batkis.

Ellen DeGeneres dog Iggy

On today’s Ellen DeGeneres show (taped yesterday), Ellen will once again plead for Iggy, the dog she adopted and gave to her hairdresser because it didn’t get along with her cats, to be returned to the hairdresser’s family.

Ellen DeGeneres Crying About Dog

Ellen says the fight should not be about anything but the dog, and the dog just needs to go back to the family.

Marina Batkis owner of Mutts & MomsMarina Batkis, owner of Mutts & Moms, reportedly has received hate mail and death threats because of the uproar over snatching the dog back.

Marina claims that Ellen’s hairstylist’s home is an unfit home for the dog because the two daughters, ages 12 and 13, are too young to care for a dog.

The Mutts & Moms website has been taken down and Marina Batkis has retained a media spokesperson.

Baktis claims that DeGeneres’ celebrity is the sole reason why she’s getting all of this attention.

“Celebrities you know, they, they get preferential treatment. They have lots of money. They go into a restaurant they get a table. And so you know, this contract was breached. It was breached. So people need to understand when you enter a binding legal agreement that you can’t just go, ‘And here you go, I don’t want you.‘”

Here’s the real facts behind the Ellen DeGeneres dog story:

  • Ellen never submitted an application to adopt the dog
  • Ellen’s home was never inspected by Mutts & Moms
  • Mutts & Moms has placed dogs in other homes with young children
  • Mutts & Moms never updated the dog’s microchip to Ellen’s name

So, basically all this holier than thou stuff that Marina Batkis is pulling here is just a load of hooey. The whole drama is about power and control, not about a safe home for a cute dog.

Ellen DeGeneres Crying About Dog

Here’s Ellen and gal pal Portia de Rossi walking their dog, Wolf.
Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi walking dog

Here’s Ellen and Portia at the Emmys (without a dog):
Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi at Emmys

Watch the Ellen DeGeneres show today for the latest update on the dog snatching story as Ellen pleads once again for little Iggy to go back to a family that really does love that cute little dog!

And that’s the latest news on the Ellen DeGeneres dog story.