is another one of those annoying paid search results spam sites that gets viral promotion through emails, MySpace bulletins, etc. website

Basically, pretends to be a real porn website, but is actually nothing but page after page of paid search links. Stick to Google because they know where all the good stuff is at when it cumms to that kind of thing.

Here’s a funny picture of Barbie Cummings:
Barbie Cummings

Gotta love the cop in Barbie Cumming’s rearview mirror!

And here’s a couple of personal faves in the Barbie cumm category:
Exotic Dancer Barbie
Exotic dancer Barbie is the way to go…

Gangsta bitch Barbie

You’ve gotta luv gangsta bitch Barbie!

And who could ever forget Sorority Slut Barbie?
Sorority Slut Barbie
Talk about Barbie cumm!

And that’s all the news on