Teacup pigs really are tea cup sized and you can see in the seven pictures below just how small these adorableย little teacup pigs are right next to pumpkins, scales, people, and yes, tea cups!

Here’s three of the mini pigs inside a pumpkin:
Teacup pigs

The Pennywell miniature pigs are incredibly tiny:
Penywell Farms teacup piglet named Tetley

The tea cup pigs are really just that size:
Tetley the pig next to a tea cup

At birth, a teacup pig is about the size of a chipmunk:
Teacup pig on scale

Pennywell Farms recommends getting two of the little guys:
Litter of tea cup pigs

Unless of course, three is more your style:
Three mini pigs

The little miniature pigs love to sleep together, but humans are OK too!
Tetley the tea cup pig sleeping in Pennywell Farms owner's arms

The pocket-sized pigs are a variant of the rare kune kune breed, which are found in New Zealand.

Chris Murray, co-owner of the Pennywell farm near Buckfastleigh, England began cross-breeding them nine years ago and believes he has created the perfect pet pig.ย ย 

And that’s all the pictures I could find of these miniature teacup pigs.