Kenneth John Freeman News – International fugitive charged with raping his 10-year old daughter Kylie Freeman arraigned today in Spokane – Watch video of Kenneth John Freeman’s arrest.

John Walsh & Julie Myers Discuss Kenneth John Freeman

John Walsh from America’s Most Wanted talks about the capture of suspected child rapist Kenneth Freeman with Julie L. Myers, Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Wanted for raping his pre-teen daughter and posting video footage of it on the Internet, Freeman returned to the United States yesterday in custody of Federal marshals.

Authorities traced him through Maleeka Freeman, his Chinese-born third wife who was arrested herself for aiding a fugitive. She was taking him clothing and supplies when he was arrested.

Here are four photos of Kenneth John Freeman:
Kenneth John Freeman work ID picture
This one is his Sheriff’s Department work ID picture.

Kenneth Freeman with baby daughter Kylie
This is him with baby daughter Kylie Freeman.

Kenneth Freeman practicing with M-16 rifle
Here Kenneth Freeman is practicing firing an M-16 rifle.

Kenneth John Freeman bodybuilder pic
A 6′ 2″ bodybuilder weighing 250 lbs is hard for a 10-year old to resist.

Investigators say they discovered that the abuse had started when Kylie was ten years old, around the time that Freeman was divorcing his second wife, Kylie’s stepmother.

Cops say Kenneth Freeman would show Kylie pornography and molest her, then threaten her not to tell anyone.  After Freeman’s divorce was finalized later that year, the abuse didn’t stop. In fact, police say it got a lot worse. 

Here’s a current picture of 17-year old Kylie Freeman:
Kylie Freeman age 17

In January of 2001, after Kylie’s mother had a talk with her about sexual abuse, Kylie began refusing all of her father’s advances.  Given her father’s size and strength, that was an awfully brave thing for her to do.

Kylie Freeman later told authorities that while the abuse stopped, the coercion didn’t. But she never spoke of the abuse for fear that her dad would go to jail. Did her mother suspect what was going on when she warned Kylie about sexual abuse?

Here’s a picture of his third wife, Maleeka Freeman:
Maleeka Freeman arrested upon her return to US

On May 2, 2007 Freeman travelled into Hong Kong by bus from mainland China to meet Maleeka Freeman and was seized by local police at a bus stop. The former bodybuilder and law enforcement officer apparently threw more than a few punches at authorities before his ultimate capture.

And that’s the latest news on child molestor Kenneth John Freeman.