TV news – The hugely popular TV show search website was shut down today with British authorities claiming that was a pirate website.

In fact, hosts no content whatsoever and only links to the pirated TV shows, all of which are on Chinese video-sharing websites beyond the reach of Western anti-piracy efforts.

This anti-piracy move has got to be the stupidest tactic yet by media companies intent on keeping their content out of free access sites. By shutting down a search engine site like TV Links, all they are doing is sending that search traffic somewhere else.

Two Chinese sites have everything linked to:


Those two sites host most of the pirated US television show and movie content that the TV links website was pointing towards. Just update your PC with Chinese character set support from and you’re good to go.

If you can’t find the TV or movie content you want on the Top two Chinese video sharing websites, then use this list of the Top 25 Chinese video piracy sites (it’s in English).

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