Light of Doom is a great, young rock band from Escondido, CA that made the Top 10 in The Next Great American Band – Watch this video clip because they can really rock!

Light of Doom on Next Great American Band

With five members aged 12 to 14, Light of Doom blows away the audience with hot metal riffs, enthusiastic drumming, and great vocals. And it doesn’t hurt that the biggest segment of the record buying public – young teenage girls – can’t get enough of these talented musicians.

Light of Doom Performing

Mitchell -aka “Mitch Mitchell” – age 12, on drums:
Mitch - Light of Doom drummer

Prediction: Even if Light of Doom doesn’t win on The Next Great American Band, these guys will make it big in the music business. They’re like Metallica used to be, raw energy that lights up the audience with music that sears your soul…

Light of Doom logo

Check em out on MySpace Music. You gotta love their sense of humor because they list their “influences” as reading, going for romantic walks on the beach, and gardening. Of course, in press interviews they’ve also claimed as influences Iron Maiden, ninjas, boobs, and explosions…LOL!

They’re already attracting attention from some older girls as well:
Light of Doom with the Honky Stomp girls

Light of Doom Band Members:

  • Erik (14): Vocals
  • Dillon (13): Lead Guitar/Sexy
  • Mitchell aka “Mitch Mitchell”(12): Drums
  • Lucas(13): Bass/Style
  • Daniel aka “Bonaduce”(13): Lead Guitar

And that’s the latest news on Light of Doom.