Malibu castle burns to ground as wildfires destroy landmark Hodge castle seen ablaze and then in ruins in pictures below.

Malibu Castle before fire

You can see in the picture below that the landmark Malibu castle was engulfed and totally ablaze despite firefighters efforts and the castle’s fire-resistant tile roof.

Malibu Castle on fire

Malibu catle burns

The castle was owned by socialite Lilly Lawrence and housed a priceless memorabilia collection including some rare Elvis Presley items.

Here’s all that was left of Hodge Castle:
Malibu fire burns Hodge castle

Driven by fierce Santa Ana winds, the predawn wildfire swept four miles down Malibu Canyon in three hours today, burning Malibu Presbyterian church and several homes and businesses in the beachside community.

Castle Kashan aka Malibu Castle fire damage

You can see on the latest map where Hodge Castle, aka Castle Kashan or Malibu Castle, was located where the Canyon fire roared through.

Malibu fire latest map

At this time, the four fires are 0% contained and wind gusts of up to 70 miles per hour have been recorded. One fire has jumped the Pacific Coast highway and is burning several oceanfront homes…

Here’s an aerial view of the Malibu castle ruins:Malibu Castle ruins

And that’s the latest news on the demise of Hodges Castle, the landmark Malibu Castle.