Castle Kashan burns to ground – see fire pictures below – as Malibu wildfires engulf 2,000 acres in huge blaze fueled by Santa Ana winds destroys area landmark Hodges Castle.

Here’s the landmark Castle Kashan in better times:
Malibu Castle aka Castle Kashan 

Here’s the firefighters trying to save it:
Hodge castle with firefighters in action

It’s hard to believe a stone building could burn like this:
Castle Kashan burning

Here’s Castle Kashan totally ablaze:
Castle Kashan is a complete loss

Here’s the latest map of the Malibu wildfires:
Malibu fire latest map
You can see that the historic Malibu castle was directly in the path of the main blaze as it roared through toward the ocean. The fire also destroyed the nearby Malibu Presbyterian Church.

Firefighters were able to save some artwork and furnishings from Lilly Lawrence’s 15,500 sq ft mansion, Castle Kashan, which is also known as Hodges Castle after the doctor who originally built it.

Flames engulf the Hodges castle

Firefighters struggle to save what they can:
Malibu castle house firefighters inside

Here’s the smoldering ruins of the landmark Malibu castle:
Smoldering ruins of Castle Kashan

Salvaged artwork safe in courtyard fountain:
Art salvaged from Hodges castle in fountain

The Canyon fire destroyed the Malibu Presbyterian Church as well as the distictive landmark known as Hodges’ Castle which overlooked the Civic Center.

Castle Kashan remnants

The castle was on the market with an asking price of $17 million and the pending sale was due to close in four days.

And that’s the sad news about Castle Kashan.