Worlds Fattest Baby – A 10-month old Chinese boy may be the worlds fattest baby, weighing 44 pounds at just ten months of age and growing fast.

Worlds fattest baby

As seen in these amazing pics the worlds fattest baby – a boy named Lei Lei – really packs on the pounds on his sturdy frame.

At 44 pounds, he weighs as much as the average six-year old child.

Lei Lei worlds fattest baby

Lei Lei is currently in a hospital in Yiyang, in southern China’s Hunan province, where he is undergoing tests to see if there is a medical reason behind his weight gain.

Michelin baby Lei Lei

According to his mother, Cheng Qingyu, her son was born at normal size and weight, but thanks to his ravenous appetite he has steadily ballooned since, earning the nickname of “Michelin baby”.

His mother told reporters, “No matter whatever he grabs, he unconsciously puts it in his mouth. His most favorite thing is to eat.”

World s fattest baby

Chubby little Lei Lei has a rival for the title of worlds fattest baby as there is rumored to be an even fatter infant in India.

Reportedly Karan Singh, of Meerut, India, weighs over 50 pounds at only eleven months of age.

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