Orange County Fire News – Shifting Santa Ana winds have pushed a wildfire to the outskirts of Irvine in Orange County with the fire threatening Irvine near the 241 and Portola Parkway.

Here’s a picture of the smoke at the start of the Orange County fire:
Smoke marks the start of the Orange County fire

Here’s what the Santiago Canyon wildfire looked like a few hours later:
Orange County fire evening

The fire started near Irvine Lake, on east side of Santiago Canyon Road. Kris Concepcion, an Orange County Fire Authority battalion chief, said “The fire is still out of control.”

Here’s a vehicle that caught fire near Portola Parkway:
Vehicle fire on Portola Parkway

Due to the swirling smoke and the gusting Santa Ana winds whipping the fire to incredible heights, the 241 is shut down between the Eastern Transportation Corridor (133) and Chapman Avenue. Santiago Canyon Road is closed between Chapman Avenue and Modjeska Canyon Road.

And that’s the latest news at 10:30 PM PST on the Orange County fire.