California Fires – Southern California is on fire Monday morning with a dozen wildfires burning 36,000 acres, forcing thousands to flee as walls of flame swept down bone-dry hillsides.

Here’s a map of the Southern California fires:
California fires map

Here are the latest news and pictures, along with a summary of where the fires are Monday morning at 7:00AM PST.

Orange County fire night view

Santa Ana wind gusts are range from 20 mph to top winds measured at 80 mph, so the fires are leapfrogging containment zones. Windblown embers are sparking new fires as much as 3 miles away from existing ones.

California Fires

Agua Dulce Fire – Has burned more than 13,000 acres and destroyed 17 buildings. More than 300 firefighters are battling the blaze, which has forced 800 evacuations and caused one serious injury.

Castaic Fire – 13,000 acres burned in the last 24 hours and still going strong.

Coronado Hills Fire – Small 400 acre fire threatening San Marcos with Cal State San Marco ordered evecuated in the middle of the night.

Irvine Fire – Roared out of Santiago Canyon last night right up to the 278 and threatening densely populated areas.
Santiago Canyon fire

Malibu Fire – Four fires swept Malibu Sunday, destroying 2,400 acres and 5 buildings including area landmark Hodges Castle and Malibu Presbyterian Church.

Malibu Presbyterian church burns

Roca Fire – Ventura County blaze covering 300 acres, one home destroyed.

San Marcos Fire – Same fire as the Coronado Hills one, just different name.

Pacific Coast Highway car fire

San Pasqual Fire – Started by a power transformer explosion near Highway 78 east of San Diego Zoo. Also called Harris fire, it’s burned 14,000 acres and killed one person.

Home burns in Californai wildfire

Witch Fire – 6,000 acre blaze has forced entire city of Ramona to be evacuated because this wildfire has merged with the one in San Pasqual Valley, aka the Harris fire.

“There is a high potential the Witch fire will enter our city limits,” Mayor Jerry Sanders said late Sunday night. “This is a very quickly evolving situation.”

California fire fighters use Super Scooper planes to douse flames:
California fire fighters drop water on wildfire

And that’s the latest update on the California fires.