San Diego Fires Update – A massive evacuation of part of San Diego has been ordered as worsening wildfires threaten major residential area between I-5 and I-15 as seen on this San Diego fire map.

San Diego fire evacuation zone:San Diego evactuation zone 
San Diego County officials ordered the evacuation of a huge area east of Interstate 15 between Del Dios Highway and Highway 56 early Monday, then later added to it.

Sheriif Bill Kolender said, “This is the worst fire this county has ever seen — worse than the Cedar Fire of 2003.” 

Ramona fire started yesterday

The situation has gotten dramatically worse overnight,” said San Diego Fire Chief Bill Metcalf. Instead of calming, winds increased overnight, pushing the fire westward with flames shooting up to 200 feet in the air, he said.

San Diego fires near Ramona – Witch fire near Wild Animal Park:San Diego Witch Creek fire

The Witch Fire spread into Ramona overnight, Metcalf said. It now has two fronts: one in the San Pasqual Valley and a southern front that is threatening the Barona Indian Reservation and Lakeside, he said.

In San Pasqual Valley, it has combined with a smaller fire called the Guajito Fire, which is threatening the San Diego Wild Animal Park, he said. The fire crossed Interstate 15 early Monday morning at Lake Hodges and is burning in parts of Rancho Bernardo, he said.

San Diego fires – Harris fire:San Diego fires - Harris fire

The Harris Fire, which is burning near the San Diego-Mexico border, spread dramatically to the west overnight, Metcalf said. A significant number of structures have burned in Tecate, Barrett Junction and Dulzura, he said. That fire is moving toward the Otay Lakes area.

A smaller fire is burning in San Marcos, Metcalf said. The Coronado Hills Fire has burned up to 300 acres, but firefighters are battling it with limited resources and have no containment yet.

A fire is buring in Rice Canyon, east of Interstate 15 near the Pala Indian Reservation. Officials had little information about its size or the conditions in the area.

Fire advancing last night toward Escondido:San Diego fires - Escondido fire

‘It’s been a long night, a very dangerous night,” Metcalf said. “Everyone in the fire community is putting out 100 percent and more to deal with the situation.”

All available resources in the county have been committed to fight the fires, Metcalf said. But many firefighters are occupied with rescuing people who ignored evacuation orders. “Those folks are stripping resources from fighting the fire,” Metcalf said. 

And that’s the latest news update on the San Diego fires.