Rancho Bernardo Fire Update – Pictures of dozens of homes burning in dramatic leap of Witch Creek fire into Ranch Bernardo residential area of San Diego.

Rancho Bernardo fire

Rancho Bernardo Evacuation Order
San Diego Fire Department spokesman Maurice Luque said officials had ordered evacuations in the northeast section of Rancho Bernardo. He said the affected 10-square-mile area is bordered by Highland Valley to the north, Pomerado Road to the east and Espola Road to the south. That area goes to the Poway city limits to the east.

Flames whipped by winds in Rancho Bernardo fire:Wind-whipped flames in Rancho Bernardo fire

Luque said that there are multiple structures burning in the area. He also said there have been reports of people unaccounted for, but he was not yet aware of any injuries caused by the fire.

House burning in Rancho Bernardo:Rancho Bernardo house burning

Officials in nearby Poway ordered an evacuation as well. All residents east of Espola Road from Lake Poway Road through Valle Verde Road were told to immediately evacuate this morning.

Santa Ana winds, high temperatures, and dry vegetation have combined to create the perfect firestorm. Four firefighters are hospitalized and others are overwhelmed as they fight a dozen major fires and rescue people too dumb to evacuate. 

List of destroyed homes is in this post:


And that’s the latest news on the Rancho Bernardo fire.