Escape The Orange Room walkthough searchers can find all theย Escape The Orange Room walkthrough answers right here as well as cheats, tips, hints, etc to get you through the latest escape game.

Escape The Orange Room Walkthrough

Because the Orange Room game has zero in the way of instructions, people tend to get a little confused about how to play it and as a result, are looking for walkthroughs or cheats. Nothing wrong with that because Escape The Orange Room cheats are sometimes the only thing left to save your sanity.

Escape The Orange Room game

Escape The Orange Roomย is a fun challenge because escape games really push the puzzle creativity envelope. Just remember that feeling frustrated when you can’t get to the next step is just part of the challenge.

I gotta warn you though, if you think the bedroom scene is hard, then just wait til you play the rest of the Escape The Orange Room game. Sheer genius or sheer torture?

Escape The Orange Room Walkthrough

Escape Orange Room - Rope

Escape The Orange Room – Bedroom Scene:

The walkthrough answers for the first items are moderately tricky… and then they get fiendishly more difficult as you go!

Here are the things you need to click on in the first scene with the bed:

  1. Bedside table, the second drawer – You get one chip
  2. Behind bedside table, you get another chip
  3. On the bed..remove pillows and blanket..You get the 3rd chip
  4. Click on origami, you get the 4th chip
  5. Below on the bed’s left leg few times..You get a samurai sword

Get These Numbers:

  • One number (Blue) in the wall hanging..between 4 red dots
  • Another number (Yellow) is on the glass candle holder beside the bed
  • Third number (Green) is on the knitting below the bed

Orange Room cheats - Numbers

Orange Room – Scene with Window:

  1. One is on the bottom right side of the shelf
  2. Another is between purple tower
  3. Third is in toaster (click real fast before the toast pops back in)
  4. Fourth is under table (move all objects up and click on table to get it – glass, candle, bottle & table)

Get This Number:

  • Number is on curling iron (Purple)

Orange Room – Scene with Door:

  1. One is inside the make up kit lining
  2. Another is on the left top sleeve of green jacket
  3. Third is inside summer dress (turn behind and unzip)
  4. Fourth is between seat (where the middle vertical line meet the bottom horizontal line; NOT the top line where it forms a cross, but below)
  5. Fifth is inside vibrator which is hidden under the pregnant dress & red underwear (use nail file inside make up kit to get it out)

Get These Numbers:

  • Number (White) is on white shoes
  • Number (Red) is inside powder compact inside the make up kit

Important Tip:
Get Nail file from the make up kit (Red bag on dressing table)

Also get D-cup bra inside the dresser (the one with a red flower in the middle).

Orange Room – Scene with Tree:

  1. One is behind a palm branch
  2. Another is inside the coconut (Cut it open with samurai sword)

Important Tip:
Turn on the TV and note the color sequence (Purple, Green, Yellow, Red, Blue and White)

Hint: You’ll need it later.

Important Hints:
The Safe is behind the picture. Use the samurai sword found under the bed’s left leg to cut the hanging string.

Put the puzzle pieces into the black box on the safe.

Complete the sliding puzzle.

Get a mallet/hammer from the safe & use it on the torn wall beside the TV.

Knock it till you see the safe.

Get rope from third drawer of the bedside table and use it on the safe.

Orange Room Tips - Rope pulls safe out

Escape The Orange Room Cheats

  1. Using the TV color sequence, input the numbers you have found accordingly.
  2. Get Magic wand from safe.
  3. Use Magic wand on Samurai sword – This turns it into “a strong samurai sword”. Use it on the side and bottom metal bars of the window.
  4. Use Magic wand on D cup bra & turn it into a “gigantic woman’s bra”. Use the bra on the window and PRESTO!

Congratulations! You have escaped the Orange Room!

Orange Room Game Hints
Hope you enjoyed the walkthrough. Now get back in there and kick some game butt!

So that’s it for all the tips, tricks, hints, and cheats for the Escape The Orange Room Walkthrough.