Britney Spears Died – News of Britney Spears death swept the Internet as fans of the troubled pop star heard of her fatal car accident and drug overdose.

Britney Spears just before her car accident:
Britney Spears died

Many believe Britney Spears died because her fans deserted her and she was despondent over losing her children to Kevin Federline in a brutal custody fight. Nothing could be further from the truth – Britney was just a bad driver and liked to do drugs and that’s what killed her.

Some say Britney was already dead before the accident:
Britney Spears dies in car accident

Now that the news of Britney Spears dead due to car accident and drug overdose have been verified, fans are wondering how to get tickets to her funeral. Ticketmaster will handle the sales and her sons will receive all the money from the ticket sales.

With front row seats going for over $1,000 each, the funeral gross could easily top Britney Spears Blackout sales from her last album. And that’s pretty ironic, considering a drug overdose made her blackout and that’s how Britney Spears died in a car accident.

Britney Spear’s ghost appeared Halloween night:
Britney Spears ghost

Funeral services will be held at the Malibu Presbyterian Church.
Malibu Presbyterian church burns
Britney’s remains will be cremated because that way she’ll be hot forever.

And that’s the truth behind the news that Britney Spears died.