A new book written by former LAPD detective Greg Kading – who investigated the killing of Tupac Shukar – says that music mogul Sean Combs paid Crips gang members to kill Tupac and Death Row Records founder Suge Knight in a Las Vegas street hit in September, 1996.

Tupac Shukar

In his book “Murder Raps” Kading, the former lead detective in the investigation, says that Crips member Duane “Keffe D” Keith Davis confessed to the LAPD that he was offered $1 million by Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs to kill Death Row Records rapper Tupac Shakur and Suge Knight, the label’s former CEO.

Sean Combs

Kading reveals that the LAPD is sitting on extensive videotapes and documents containing confessions from key players behind the alleged assassination of Shakur and the retaliatory killing of Biggie Smalls (Christopher Wallace) by Bloods gang members hired by Suge Knight.

Suge Knight

Suge Knight suffered a gunshot wound to the head during the Vegas hit on Tupac and vowed revenge on Sean Combs.

Frustrated by 15 years of police work on the two killings that led to zero arrests, Kading made copies of nearly every investigative report and taped confession before he left the LAPD.

Greg Kading

In the explosive interview quoted at length in “Murder Raps” Crips member Keffe D says, “[Combs] took me downstairs and he’s like, ‘Man, I want to get rid of them dudes.’ … I was like, ‘We’ll wipe their ass out, quick. It’s nothing.’ … We wanted a million.”

In his confession, Keffe D describes to the detectives what happened the night Tupac Shakur died. Keffe D places himself in the passenger seat of the old white Cadillac that famously pulled up, full of Crips, on the right side of the BMW carrying Shakur and Knight toward a club just off the Vegas Strip.

Keffe D says his own nephew, Orlando “Baby Lane” Anderson, who got his ass kicked in the MGM Grand lobby earlier in the evening by Shakur’s posse over a piece of Death Row bling that Baby Lane supposedly had stolen, was sitting in the backseat of the Cadillac.

Keffe D says in the taped confession that his nephew “leaned over, and Orlando [Baby Lane] rolled down the window and popped him [Shakur].” Later in his confession he adds, “If they would’ve drove on my side [of the car] I would’ve popped him.”

In another confession that is detailed in the LAPD documents revealed in the book, Suge Knight’s baby mama Theresa Swann told detectives that the former Death Row boss gave her the money to pay Wardell “Poochie” Fouse — Knight’s close associate and a fellow member of the Mob Piru Bloods — to kill rival rapper Biggie Smalls as a payback to Combs and his record company Bad Boy Entertainment.

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