Desperate to protect French cuisine from foreign influences, France has banned the use of ketchup in all school and college cafeterias nationwide, effective immediately.

France bans ketchup

The French ketchup ban is meant to encourage cafeterias to serve more traditional French food and reduce the influence of American food.

“France must be an example to the world in the quality of its food, starting with its children,” Food and Agriculture Minister Bruno Le Maire told reporters.

One of the offending foods targeted along with ketchup is – wait for it – French fries.

School cafeterias are now limited to serving French fries only once a week. And that is also the one and only time that schools may serve ketchup to students.

French foodies view ketchup with the same disdain as they do American television series, English words, and McDonald’s restaurants — as unwelcome cultural impostors.

Does this mean we have to go back to calling them Freedom fries?

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