General Motors has pulled an ad – see photo below – aimed at college students that provoked a firestorm of criticism over its disparaging and sexist view of bike riders.

GM pulls bike ad

In the GM ad promoting its college discount program, the automaker seems to be trying to convince college guys that hot women won’t like them if they ride a bike.

A man riding a bike apparently tries to  hide his face in embarrassment as an attractive woman goes by in the passenger seat of a car, seemingly smiling/smirking at his pathetic lack of a car.

The GM bike ad’s message isn’t subtle: Riding a bike is hazardous to your sex life.

The ad clearly riled the Twittersphere. Wrote one Twitter user: “As a college student and an avid cyclist . . . . I’m proud to ride a bike, and so are millions of others. Bad move.”

GM at first apologized and said it would “make changes” to the bike rider ad, then a few hours later announced on Twitter that it had “decided to pull the ad from our rotation.”

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