Lady Gaga Sues Lady Goo Goo – Wacky fashionista and music icon Lady Gaga sued a British website over a diaper-wearing children’s cartoon character called Lady Goo Goo that became a YouTube sensation.

Lady Gaga sues Lady Goo Goo

Lady Goo Goo is one of 52 characters on the Moshi Monsters website, a Facebook-style site for youngsters that allows children to adopt and name cartoon creatures.

The singing infant became a YouTube sensation with catchy parody tunes, including one called ‘Peppy-razzi’.

But Lady Gaga won out in London’s High Court when she got an injunction banning the release of the character’s new song called the Moshi Dance.

The Moshi Dance was to be released after becoming a YouTube sensation, racking up more than 3.5 million views, due to the huge popularity of the Moshi Monsters website for kids.

Other musical characters on the Moshi Monsters website have spoof names of stars including Dustbin Beaver, 49 Pence and Broccoli Spears.

Lady Goo Goo cartoon character

Roughly half of Britain’s six to 12-year-olds use the site, where they adopt and care for digital monsters known as moshlings and can send messages to their friends.

Lady Goo Goo creator and Moshi Monsters website founder Michael Acton Smith told reporters after the court ruling: ‘”This court ruling is a huge disappointment. It’s pretty obvious that kids will be able to tell the difference between the two characters.”

“The shame is that millions of kids fell in love with Lady Goo Goo’s debut single on YouTube and now won’t be able to enjoy her musical exploits.”

“It was all done in the name of fun and we would have thought that Lady Gaga could have seen the humour behind this parody.”

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