Find My Friends App Finds Cheating Wife – The new Find My Friends app on the new Apple iPhone 4S was used by a New York man to find his cheating wife and catch her lying about where she was in text messages.

Apple touts the “Find My Friends” app as a great way to track and meet up with friends. If they agree, you can see their locations on a map on your screen.

Saturday night on the MacRumors website, a New York man posted this message:

“Divorcing wife. Thanks iPhone 4s and Find My Friends.

“I got my wife a new 4s and loaded up find my friends without her knowing. She told me she was at her friends house in the east village. I’ve had suspicions about her meeting this guy who live uptown. Lo and behold, Find my Friends has her right there.

“I just texted her asking where she was and the dumb b—- said she was on 10th Street!! Thank you Apple, thank you App Store, thank you all. These beautiful treasure trove of screen shots [sic] going to play well when I meet her … at the lawyer’s office in a few weeks.

“thankfully, she’s the rich one.”

The suspicious husband was back with a new post less than an hour later, including a couple of screen grabs showing the location of his wife was on East 65th St., though she sent him a text message saying, “Was hard to find stupid cab hate meat packing….”

The cuckolded husband posted again:

“She said she is in meat packing district which is on 12th street. I DONT THINK SO. Appreicate the support. not my finest hour here but going to get better soon.”

The now presumably-jilted husband then put up one last post Saturday night:

“what really chaps my a– is not the cheating but the fact that they were probably admiring and laughing over the new phone I BOUGHT. haha. well someone about to get the last laugh tonight.”

Gotta love technology and its many uses.

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