Tom Brady Suspended – Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has been suspended for four games after failing a random drug test for steroids and Brady’s suspension could end their Super Bowl dream.

Tom Brady suspended for steroids

Radio shock jocks Opie and Anthony trumpeted “Tom Brady suspended!” on their morning radio show and the Brady failed steroids drug test story was picked up by the Associated Press.

Opie and Anthony

If you remember, Anthony and Opie were involved in the promo stunt where they encouraged listeners to have sex in St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York and they got suspended for that prank. The Tom Brady steroids suspension stunt is even better!

Tom Brady steroids use revealed by Bridget Moynihan

It turns out that Tom Brady’s steroid use was revealed by angry ex-girlfriend Bridget Monahan who Brady dumped while pregnant, so he could hook up with supermodel Gisele Bundchen, who allegedly also took steroids to increase her breast size.

Gisele Bundchen caught with steroids

The Tom Brady suspended story took on new life when new girlfriend Gisele Bundchen was allegedly caught at Boston’s airport with steroids in her panties, which she claimed belonged to Tom. Unclear if she was referring to her panties or the drugs, TSA quickly opened an investigation.

Gisele Bundchen strip searched in Tom Brady steroids probe

Alert Homeland Security officials quickly strip searched Gisele and got to the bottom of the Brady steroids connection, which they proceeded to photograph from every angle.

After rolling over on lover Tom Brady to save her skin and avoid further exposure in the steroids scandal, Gisele Bundchen was given a a good spanking and told to stay out of Boston because the New England Patriots claim she’s sapping Tom Brady’s strength and that’s why he allegedly failed a random NFL drug test for steroid use.

Gisele Bundchen photo shoot

Gisele poutingly agreed to go back to modeling where she belongs. Tom Brady has no comment at this time on the alleged steroids use or reports of his failed drug test.

And that’s the latest news on Tom Brady Suspended.