Website Traffic From Video Clips

You can generate a significant amount of web traffic by creating riveting videos. Sometimes even amateur videos can generate quite a following. The Battle at Kruger is an amazing 8-minute video shot by US tourist Dave Budzinski at South Africa’s Kruger National Park.

The video shows a complex battle between a lion pride, a herd of buffalo, and 2 crocodiles at a watering hole. The BBC reports that the video is fast become one of the biggest web video hits.

An amateur video of an amazing animal confrontation on the African savannah is fast becoming one of the biggest hits on video-sharing website YouTube.

The footage first shows how several lions attack a group of buffalo, snatching a buffalo calf.

As the lions wrestle with a calf by a watering hole, a crocodile joins in the battle, pouncing on the buffalo. The lions win the tug-of-war, but then the buffalo herd returns, chasing away the lions and freeing the calf.

The current count for the Battle at Kruger on YouTube is over 15.7 million views. What’s also interesting is the broad international viewership of the video. This┬ávideo clip has been popular all over the world including Ireland, Spain, France, Italy, Poland and Brazil.

This international viewership is clearly helping the video generate so many views. The video is also rapidly moving up YouTube’s all-time viewed list. The Battle of Kruger is currently 19th on the all-time viewed list.

Imagine how much traffic you could get from YouTube with a eye-catching video of your own…