The Office Cancelled News – The Hollywood writer’s strike hasn’t cancelled NBC’s hit show The Office yet, but Opie and Anthony have.

The Office cancelled

As a joke, the shock jocks told their listeners this morning The Office cancelled news they’d been dreading to hear and the cancellation rumor was born.

Opie and Anthony announce The Office cancelled

The writer’s strike has already shutdown a number of hit shows that rely heavily on writers for fresh content such as The Tonight Show, 24, Letterman, Two and a Half Men, Saturday Night Live, etc.

Studios are now laying off massive numbers of support staff because there is zero production work going on without new scripts.

So basically, NBC’s The Office will go on hiatus soon, but only after the episodes already filmed are aired. The show isn’t being cancelled, just forced into reruns like every other hit comedy show.

 And that’s the latest news about The Office Cancelled.