Megan Meier Suicide – News that the suicide death last year of 13-year-old Megan Meier was due to MySpace taunting by adult neighbors rocked St. Charles Missouri.

Megan Mmeier suicide
After Megan Meier’s MySpace suicide, all her parents – Tina Meier and Ron Meier – have left  of their daughter is her remains in the mausoleum.

In a parents worst nightmare, the mother of a neighbor girl that Meagan Meier was no longer friends with set up a fake MySpace account and proceeded to hound her to death.

The woman, a male employee of her company, and her daughter all duped the unsuspecting Megan into thinking “Josh Evans” was real, conned their way into gaining her trust, and then viciously attacked an already emotionally vulnerable youngster.  

The result? 13-year old Megan hung herself in her closet while her mom made dinner downstairs and talked with her husband about how the whole MySpace experience was troubling their daughter.

Read the excellent news article here with complete details about the heartbreaking Megan Meier MySpace suicide:

And that’s the sad news about the death of a 13-year old girl caused by MySpace taunting, the Megan Meier Suicide.