Blue Ghost Gas Station Video – Here are two videos and three pictures of the blue ghost haunting a Parma, Ohio gas station.

You can clearly see the blue ghost in this gas station video:
Blue ghost caught on gas station video

What appears to be an eerie blue cloud was captured on video tape floating and darting around customers, freezing, and then speeding away from the Marathon Gas station on the corner of State Rd. and Pleasant Valley in Parma, Ohio.

Gas Station Ghost

The entire thing was captured on security camera, and even after experts have reviewed the blue ghost gas station video, it’s still a mystery.

Surveillance screen inside gas station showing ghost image

No one knows exactly what the blue cloud was. The gas station’s owner, Amed Abudaaria, said “I actually watched it for 30 minutes and then actually I watched it move and that is when I got freaked out.”

Abudaaria said that he is happy that the thing went away, and that it has not come back.

Gas Station Ghost

Multiple people witnessed the odd blue ghost occurence and many believe that the image was either a ghost or an angel.

Since the appearance, word has spread, and groups of people have traveled to the Parma, Ohio gas station hoping to spot the ghostly blue apparition.

Blue Ghost Parma Ohio

At one point, the gas station ghost appears to lay on a car’s windshield before quickly rising up. Since it was visible for half an hour before disappearing, it’s pretty hard to say the owner and all his customers were fooled by a balloon or floating plastic bag…

And that’s the pics and surveillance tape of the blue ghost gas station video.