Nikki Catsouras Photos – Graphic accident scene photos of their 18-year old daughter Nikki were leaked by the California Highway Patrol, so the Catsouras family has filed a $20 million dollar lawsuit.

Nikki Catsouras

In a horrible example of how fast things spread on the Internet, thousands of sites posted the graphic photos showing a nearly decapitated Nikki Catsoukas still strapped in the wreckage of her father’s Porsche 911.

Nikki Catsouras car crash

In its claim, the Catsouras family cites emotional distress, loss of earnings and loss of consortium and seeks punitive damages, said attorney Tyler D. Offenhauser of Bremer Whyte Brown & O’Meara in Newport Beach.

“These images were posted solely for their ‘shock and awe’ value, without any consideration whatsoever for the feelings of the family,” Offenhauser said. The 911 calls also are circulating online, he said.

The Catsouras family found out about the crash photos a few days after Nikki’s funeral.

One of her cousins, Zoe, 19, got a text message on her cell phone.

When she opened it, she saw thumbnail images of the accident scene – one of Nikki shown slumped over and still strapped into the driver’s seat, most of her head and face missing – and threw her phone down in shock.

The Catsouras family at Nikki’s high school graduation:
Catsouras family graduation

Details of Nikki Catsouras car crash

The night before she died, Nikki had gotten into an argument with her father about “typical teenager stuff,” Christos Catsouras said.

He disciplined her by taking away the keys to her car.

Nikki’s mother said her daughter wasn’t feeling well Oct. 31. She had a 3 p.m. appointment to see a doctor.

Christos Catsouras had lunch at home that day. He works five minutes away at a real estate office.

He recalled telling Nikki before he went back to the office that he loved her. She blew him a kiss and flashed him a peace sign.

After he left, Nikki walked to a key rack in the house and took the keys to her father’s $150,000 Porsche – which Nikki had never driven, her father said.

The keys were hanging where they always were, with all the others.

Lesli Catsouras heard the garage door open and the car leave and called her husband, who called 911. He immediately drove around looking for her.

Nikki had taken off down the Eastern (241) Toll Road in his black 911 Carrera.

As she tried to pass a car that was going about 70 mph, she clipped it and lost control of the Porsche, the CHP said.

The high-speed impact with a concrete tollbooth killed Nikki Catsouras instantly, nearly decapitating her in the process. Her face was ripped off and her skull torn open.

The graphic Nikki Catsouras photos of her horribly mutilated body hanging lifeless from the mangled wreckage were taken by a CHP officer and emailed to several people. From there they spread like wildfire.

Cruel, mindless idiots then started sending them to family members, taunting them and calling Nikki a “spoiled rich girl” who “deserved it.”

Nothing could be further from the truth…

And that’s the awful news about the Nikki Catsouras photos.