Miss Russia 2006 Scandal – Aleksandra Ivanovskaya pictured below was crowned Miss Russia back in 2006 at age 16 and the scandal is she might have made a sex tape.

Here are pictures of Aleksandra Ivanovskaya and download links for the Miss Russia 2006 scandal video clip.

Miss Russia 2006 sex scandal

Miss Russia 2006 is stunningly beautiful, with long dark hair and brown eyes.

Miss Russia 2006 being crowned

Now that she’s 18, there is a huge buzz that she recently starred in a porn film.

Miss Russia caught up in porn scandal

Aleksandra Ivanovskaya is certainly well put together, but the young Russian beauty contest winner doesn’t seem the type to be making a sex tape.

Aleksandra Ivanovskaya in swimsuit competition

The girl pictured below stars in the reputed Miss Russia 2006 porn film at the center of the sex tape scandal. While she too is stunningly gorgeous, they may not be the same girl.

Miss Russia 2006 porn star pic

Here is a photo montage from the alleged Miss Russia 2006 sex scandal porn tape:

Miss Russia 2006 sex tape

She’s certainly worth a closer look to see if she really is the former Miss Russia, Aleksandra Ivanovskaya.

Download links for Miss Russia sex video:

File: miss-russia-2006.zip


And that’s the pictures and video download link in the Miss Russia 2006 scandal.