Tanja Nijmeijer – Here are pictures and video of 29-year-old Dutch national Tanja Nijmeijer who voluntarily joined the FARC marxist rebel group in Columbia four years ago.

Tanya Nijmeijer

A laptop belonging to Tanja Nijmeijer seized by the Columbian army in September was found to contain video footage expressing her desire to leave the Marxist group, but stating she was now being held against her will.

Tanja Nijmeijer Video

In addition, a diary found in the raided camp written by someone who identified herself as ‘Eillen’ on the camp’s premises has also been linked to Tanja Nijmeijer.

Eillen’s diary indicates the young woman is working as a translator for the Eastern division of the guerrilla organization.

The journal notes that she initially joined FARC of her own free will in 2002 when travelling to Colombia for a second time in two years, saying she was fascinated at that time by Colombian Marxism.

Tanja Nijmeijer at university:
Tanja Nijmeijer at university

The writings in her diary, however, suggest that after her fascination with FARC subsided, she was unable to leave the group. The guerillas have also prohibited her from making contact with her family in the Netherlands.

On August 26, 2006 she managed to call her family. ‘I called home,’ she writes in her diary. ‘Mom cried and so did Dad. Now I need to wait for my punishment, because everyone is allowed to call, except me.’

Several entries in her diary speak of her dreams of escaping the organization and returning to the Netherlands.

Photo of Tanja’s diaries recovered by Columbian army:
Picture of Tanja Nijmeijer's diaries

Elsewhere, the diary states: ‘I am tired, tired of FARC, tired of these people, tired of communal life and of not having anything for myself. If only we knew what we were fighting for, then it would at least be worthwhile.’

‘I do not believe in it (FARC) any more. What kind of organization is this? Some have money, cigarettes and sweets. The rest has to beg for everything only to be rejected by those who do have everything.’

‘This has been the case ever since I came here four years ago. Nothing has changed.’

Colombian Minister of Foreign Affairs Fernando Araújo Perdomo told Dutch reporters in an interview in Brussels that Nijmeijer’s life was in danger following the release of her diary, containing criticism of FARC.

‘These terrorists execute and kill anyone who wants to desert,’ Perdomo said, ‘That is why Tanja Nijmeijer’s life is in serious danger now.’

Perdomo was also abducted and held hostage by FARC. He managed to escape after six years, on New Year’s Eve 2006.

Tanja and her mother in 1999:
Tanja Nijmeijer and her mother in 1999

And that’s the latest news on 29-year old Dutch national and FARC soldier Tanja Nijmeijer.