Israel Mireles aka Israel Morales pictured below is wanted for the brutal murder of 18-year Emily Sander, whose battered body was found yesterday 50 miles east of where she disappeared a week ago after leaving a bar with Mireles.

Israel Mireles police photo:
Israel Mireles police photo

The mysterious disappearance of Emily Sander and the discovery of Israel Mireles’ blood-soaked motel room became a media sensation when Emily Sanders was revealed to be Internet porn star Zoey Zane.

A nationwide manhunt for Israel Mireles (aka Israel Morales) traced him to Vernon, Texas where Mireles and his pregnant 16-year old girlfriend, Victoria Martens, abandoned their rental car.

Emily Sander, Israel Mireles, Victoria Martens

The fugitives are believed to have been helped by nearby Mireles relatives. “We got no information from them at all and very little cooperation,” Police Chief Tom Boren said of Mireles’ family.

Police believe Mireles may have fled across the border to Mexico where he has extended family who might be sheltering him from authorities.

Here is a more recent photo of Israel Mireles:
Israel Mireles
You can see that Mireles looks quite different than the police photo because his hair is longer and he’s wearing wire-rimmed glasses. He also has a lip stud and small gold hoop earrings.

Israel Mireles previously resided in Cupertino, California where he was arrested in June 2007 for a violent attack on his pregnant young girlfriend there. Seems Israel really enjoys beating defenseless women because he broke this young girl’s jaw in two places and knocked out several of her front teeth.

A Cupertino arrest warrant is still outstanding in that assault and battery case.

Anyone that may have information about the whereabouts of Israel Mireles is asked to contact the El Dorado, Kansas Police Department at 1-800-KS-CRIME.

And that’s the latest news on the murderous scumbag Israel Mireles.