Sean Taylor Murder Suspects – Pictures and video of the four murder suspects in death of Sean Taylor where two teens who did yard work for Taylor killed him during a burglary gone wrong.

Sean Taylor murder suspects

Three of the four men charged in the death of Washington Redskins star Sean Taylor were denied bond early Saturday in Lee County Circuit Court.

Venjah Hunte, 20, Eric Rivera, 17, and Charles Wardlow, 18, were charged with felony murder, home invasion and armed robbery. A fourth man, Jason Scott Mitchell, 19, faces the same counts and will make his first court appearance Sunday morning.

Jason Mitchell mowed Sean Taylor’s lawn and was also paid to do other yard work for him. Charles Wardlow attended a birthday party at Taylor’s house recently for Taylor’s sister, Tasha Johnson, who dates Wardlow’s cousin.

Sean Taylor Murder Suspects Arrested

Venjah Hunte mugshot:
Venjah Hunte mugshot

Eric Rivera mugshot:
Eric Rivera mugshot

Charles Wardlow mugshot:
Charles Wardlow mugshot

Jason Scott Mitchell mugshot:
Jason Mitchell mugshot

Under Florida law, anyone who commits a violent felony in which a death occurs can face a murder charge.

Police report that multiple suspect’s have confessed and they are still trying to determine who actually shot and killed Sean Taylor.

It is believed that Jason Scottt Mitchell stayed outside and drove the getaway car.  He is expected to testify against the other three men charged with Sean Taylor’s murder.

The attorney for Eric Rivera told reporters that the arrest warrant for his client stated that Charles Wardlow had confessed and implicated 17-year old Eric Rivera as the shooter.

Sean Taylor murder suspect Eric Rivera brought to jail:
Eric Rivera arrested for Sean Taylor murder

Miami-Dade police say the four men broke into Taylor’s Palmetto Bay home, intent on stealing, not killing.

At least one of them, Mitchell, had attended a birthday party at the home for Taylor’s sister in recent months. Also, Wardlow is a cousin of the man dating Taylor’s sister, who had been staying at the home off-and-on.

Miami-Dade homicide detectives believe the men did not know Taylor was home. He would have played in Tampa earlier in the day had he not injured his knee.

The former University of Miami star, wielding a machete, surprised the burglars as his wife and daughter hid under the covers.

”One of the participants had a firearm. Sean Taylor was shot by one of the participants during the commission of the armed burglary,” according to an arrest report by Miami-Dade Detective Juan Segovia.

And that’s the latest news on the Sean Taylor murder suspects.