Jennifer Love Hewitt Hawaii photos – Here are the Jennifer is really looking fat in a bikini photos from Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Hawaii vacation with fiance Ross McCall.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Hawaii photos

In the paparazzi Jennifer Love Hewitt Hawaii photos, Jennifer looks decidedly unglamorous with fiance Ross McCall, unlike when they appeared together at the Golden Globes ceremony.

Here Ross and Jennifer hit the beach in Hawaii in bikini and trunks:Jennifer Love Hewett in Hawaii bikini photo with Ross McCall

As you can see in these Jennifer Love Hewitt bikini photos, the Ghost Whisperer star has experienced a substantial weight gain. She’s got a whole lot of cellulite going on back there and her legs lack tone and definition beneath a heavy layer of fat.

In this Hawaii bikini photo, Jennifer’s backside looks downright fat:
Jennifer Love Hewitt looking fat in a bikini

The view from the front confirms the weight gain:
Jennifer Love Hewitt wearing bikini in Hawaii waters

Jennifer has stated on her personal blog that the paparazzi photos are an invasion of privacy and that she is actually a size two.

She may once have been a size two, but Jennifer is nowhere near that dress size now. She has the big meaty thighs and fat bottom of a middle-aged housewife who would be lucky to fit into a true size 12.

Jennifer Love Hewitt fat is on display in Hawaii bikini photos:
Jennifer Love Hewitt looking fat in Hawaii bikini

Hopefully, she’ll hook up with a weight loss company as a spokesperson and shed those extra twenty pounds before her wedding to Ross McCall.

Either that or she needs to stop wearing a bikini on Hawaii’s public beaches.

And those are the “she really looks fat in that bikini” Jennifer Love Hewitt Hawaii photos.