Flying Squirrel Suit – Pics and videos of a winged flying suit, closely resembling a flying squirrel, that daredevil base jumpers and parachutists are now experimenting with as the ultimate aerial thrill.

Here’s a photo of a guy in a flying squirrel suit doing a base jump:Flying squirrel suit in use

Here’s what an actual flying squirrel looks like:
Actual flying squirrel leaping from branch

Designs for the winged flying suits vary, but all try to provide winglike extensions from the arms and a stabilizing “tail” effect by enclosing the space between the legs.

Flying squirrel suits in basic black and ribbed panels

Here you can see what a wing suit looks like from above and below:
Flying wingsuit in action

Here it is from underneath looking up:
Flying wingsuit in action looking up at flyer

Winged flying suits have captured the imagination of storytellers since man dreamed of flying. But the suits’ practical use began to take hold in the early 1990s, when a modern version created by Patrick de Gayardon improved safety.

Modern winged flying suit design features tightly woven nylon sewn between the arms and torso, creating wings that fill with air and create lift, allowing for forward motion and aerial maneuvers while slowing descent.

As the $1,000 wing suits have become more sophisticated, so have the pilots. The best fliers, and there are not many because it is so dangerous, can trace the horizontal contours of cliffs, ridges and mountainsides.

Flying Squirrel Suit Videos

Flying Squirrel Suit

Extreme Skydiving Flying Suit

French documentary showing skydivers wearing squirrel-like flying suits

“Wing-suit flying totally changes the way you fly and you jump,” said Mr. Jean-Albert, who is seen in his YouTube video above skimming barely six feet above skiers in the Swiss Alps. “It creates a third dimension because in normal skydiving your trajectories are pretty vertical.”

And that’s the latest news on the flying squirrel suit.