7 Foot Tall 12-Year Old – Brenden Adams, pictured below, is a normal 12-year old boy who has grown almost 7 foot tall due to an untreatable genetic condition as seen in this news video clip.

7 foot tall 12-year old Brenden Adams

Like almost every kid, 7 foot tall 12-year old Brenden Adams has braces, but most other kids his age don’t have to duck through doorways.

Video of 7-foot tall 12-year old Brenden Adams 

Brenden has grown fast since the day he was born, getting all his teeth at four months and growing almost as tall by age five as his 10-year old brother .

A recent growth spurt added fifteen inches in thirty months, taking him from 5′ 9″ tall all the way up to 6′ 11″ in height.

He finally stopped growing this year, but he’s got other medical conditions, like extremely large joints and his weight hasn’t kept pace with his height.

Doctors can’t figure out what’s causing his extreme growth, so they can’t treat him, and they can’t reassure his family that young Brenden Adams will live a long life.

Brenden takes it all in stride and is looking forward to getting a new bed that he can actually fit into comfortably.

And that’s the latest news on the 7 foot tall 12-year old who’s still growing.