Man With Blue Skin – Paul Karasson, seen in pictures and video below, had his skin turn blue after using a colloidal silver solution as a treatment for a skin disease which in turn caused neighbors to shun the blue-skinned man.

Paul Karason, the man with with blue skin

The man with blue skin due to a skin reaction known as argyria recently moved from Oregon to California because of the way people treated him.

Paul Karason hasn’t always had blue skin. You can see in the picture below of Paul with his parents that he was fair-skinned and quite pale.

Paul Karason with his parents

The blue skin man stands out in contrast to his girlfriend’s pale skin color and had to endure taunts of “Papa Smurf” and “Blue Man” in his old neighborhood.¬†

Blue skinned man with girlfriend

Man With Blue Skin Video 

Argyria is a rare condition where elemental silver is absorbed by the body and with repeated exposure, turns the skin blue or blue-grey. In localized cases such as handling silver-based creams, the discoloration can be reversed by laser treatment.

In Paul Karason’s case, it resulted from 14 years of drinking a colloidal silver solution which was an ancient remedy where silver was used in a way similar to today’s antibiotics to treat different diseases.

And that’s the strange story of Paul Karason, the man with blue skin.